Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Exciting Updates on the Edge-on-Hudson Development in Sleepy Hollow

    Biddle Real Estate Ventures and PCD Development have partnered to provide exciting updates on the Edge-on-Hudson project, a 70-acre mixed-use development in Sleepy Hollow, just 30 miles north of New York City. The second phase of the waterfront development will include a 100-unit condominium building called The Daymark, a 90-unit townhomes complex by Sun Homes, and a new 30,000 square foot commercial space that has already been pre-leased to DeCicco & Sons Market.

    The successful first phase of Edge-on-Hudson featured a variety of condominiums, townhomes, and apartments, most of which have already been sold or rented. Building on this momentum, the development team is now focused on expanding the project’s offerings.

    In addition to the residential units and commercial space, there are plans for a medical office building to provide convenient healthcare services to the community. The developers are also working on creating additional parks and open green spaces, enhancing the natural beauty of the area.

    Edge-on-Hudson aims to provide a vibrant and interconnected community that offers its residents an exceptional quality of life. With its desirable location near New York City, the development will attract individuals and families seeking a combination of urban accessibility and suburban serenity.

    This ongoing partnership between Biddle Real Estate Ventures and PCD Development highlights their commitment to transforming Sleepy Hollow into a thriving destination. The development team’s vision for Edge-on-Hudson demonstrates their dedication to sustainable and smart growth, integrating residential, commercial, and recreational elements into a cohesive whole.

    The Daymark, the new condominium building, promises to be a landmark of luxury, offering residents modern amenities and breathtaking water views. Sun Homes’ townhomes complex will provide spacious and comfortable living spaces for those seeking a suburban lifestyle.

    The addition of DeCicco & Sons Market to the development is welcomed, as it will provide residents with convenient access to a full-service grocery store. This commercial space will contribute to the overall vitality and convenience of the Edge-on-Hudson community.

    The development team’s dedication to creating an inclusive and comprehensive community is evident in their plans for the medical office building, ensuring that essential healthcare services are available to residents.

    With the expansion of green areas and open spaces, Edge-on-Hudson continues to integrate nature into its design, emphasizing the preservation of the surrounding environment.

    In conclusion, the development of Edge-on-Hudson in Sleepy Hollow is progressing with its second phase, offering a variety of residential options, commercial space, and plans for essential amenities. This community-focused development is transforming Sleepy Hollow into a desirable destination for those seeking the perfect balance between urban accessibility and natural beauty.

    – Biddle Real Estate Ventures
    – PCD Development