Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Exploring New Heights: DTE’s Innovation in Power Line Installation

    In response to prolonged power outages following severe weather incidents, DTE, a leading energy company, is taking a bold step towards enhancing customer satisfaction and reliability. Their groundbreaking pilot program involves burying power lines underground, aiming to minimize outages and increase overall efficiency.

    DTE’s initiative is currently underway in several Metro Detroit neighborhoods, with excavation crews diligently working to install underground conduits for power lines. Morgan Elliott-Andahazy, a DTE project development manager, noted that this initiative not only targets upgrading gas services but also focuses on undergrounding electric services for customers residing in the Buffalo Charles neighborhood, near the Hamtramck border.

    What sets this project apart is the simultaneous underground installation of both gas and electric equipment in the same neighborhood. This unprecedented approach showcases DTE’s commitment to providing comprehensive improvements and exploring synergistic opportunities.

    To date, approximately one-third of DTE’s system is already underground, reflecting their continuous efforts over the past few decades. However, the company’s current objective is to identify cost-efficient methods for undergrounding existing infrastructure, expediting reliability enhancements for their customers.

    The completion of the current installation phase is projected for 2024. Once finalized, DTE plans to thoroughly evaluate the pilot program’s effectiveness and subsequently expand its implementation across a broader scale.

    This bold move by DTE presents a promising outlook for the future of power distribution. By relocating power lines underground, the vulnerability to external factors like severe weather is significantly reduced. Furthermore, this transformation will result in fewer power outages and swifter recovery times, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


    Q: Why is DTE burying power lines underground?
    A: DTE is burying power lines underground to reduce power outages and enhance overall reliability.

    Q: Where is DTE implementing the initiative?
    A: DTE is currently implementing the pilot program in various Metro Detroit neighborhoods.

    Q: When will the installation be complete?
    A: The installation is expected to be completed by 2024.

    Q: What happens after the pilot program?
    A: DTE plans to assess the program’s success and subsequently expand the initiative.