Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Exploring Real Estate in the Countryside

    In this week’s edition of The Edge Real Estate section, we bring you a variety of articles that highlight the joys and challenges of country living. From a stunning property listing to insights on home design, gardening, and market trends, there is something for everyone interested in real estate.

    Suzann Ward of Housatonic Real Estate presents the Property of the Week, a beautiful home that offers the perfect country life. With its warmth, charm, character, and excellent location, this property is sure to capture the hearts of those seeking a peaceful rural lifestyle.

    In the Transformations section, a designer’s “home-as-laboratory” serves as the backdrop for five valuable lessons on creating a beautiful living space. Whether you’re renovating your home or simply looking for inspiration, these insights will guide you towards a living environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    The weekly real estate transactions provide a snapshot of the market in Berkshire County, Northern Litchfield County, and Columbia County. While overall inventories, sales, and dollar volume are down, there are still variations among different areas within Berkshire County. This presents both challenges and opportunities for those interested in buying or selling real estate.

    The Self-Taught Gardener section offers a unique perspective on co-habitation by taking lessons from plants. Lee shares the lessons he has learned from observing plants and reflects on how these insights could be applied to human relationships.

    For all the garden enthusiasts, The Lazy Berkshire Gardener shares her experiences of late summer gardening. Despite being the end of August, dahlias are still blooming beautifully, and Jodi showcases her triumph over hornworms that have been feasting on her tomato plants.

    Whether you are in the market for a new home, seeking design inspiration, or looking to enhance your gardening skills, this week’s articles in The Edge Real Estate section have you covered. Happy reading!

    – Inventories: The number of properties available for sale in a given market.
    – Dollar volume: The total value of all real estate transactions in a specific area.
    – Hornworms: Caterpillar-like insects that feed on plants, especially tomatoes.

    Sources: The Edge Real Estate section (No URLs provided)