Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Family Claims 14-Year-Old Girl Targeted by Crew Member on American Airlines Flight

    The family of a 14-year-old girl alleges that she was targeted by a crew member during a recent American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston. The incident occurred on September 2 and has left the family shocked and disturbed.

    According to the family’s statement, the girl was instructed by a male crew member to use the first-class bathroom. While inside, the crew member entered just before her, claiming that the seat was broken. After she exited, he re-entered the bathroom. It was at this point that the girl discovered an iPhone taped to the back of the toilet seat, seemingly placed there to record her. Shocked, she captured a photo of the device before leaving the bathroom.

    The family, devastated by this invasion of privacy, has not yet filed a lawsuit but has obtained legal representation. Paul Llewellyn, the family’s lawyer, is assisting them with the case.

    Law enforcement authorities were alerted to the incident upon the plane’s arrival. Massachusetts State Police removed a flight attendant from the aircraft, and subsequently, the FBI took over the investigation due to jurisdictional reasons.

    American Airlines has expressed its commitment to thorough cooperation with law enforcement and ensuring the safety and security of its passengers. The airline takes the matter seriously and is taking necessary steps to address the situation.

    At this time, the FBI has not provided any comment, and additional updates are awaited.

    Boston 25 News