Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Friends Run Nashville Hotel for a Night: A Tale of Surprises and Adventures

    In a surprising turn of events, three friends took charge of a Nashville hotel for a few hours after arriving to find no staff on duty. The saga began when the trio, after a night of partying, arrived at La Quinta Inn & Suites to check into their room but found no employees in sight. Documented on TikTok, their adventure unfolded in a 40-second video captioned, “When you arrive at the hotel and there is no staff so you have a new job. We’ve been working for two hours.”

    After ensuring that no employees were hiding or asleep in the hotel, the friends took matters into their own hands. They answered phone calls, greeted customers, and even set up the breakfast buffet. They discovered one bewildered maid who had not seen anyone in hours and reached out to the general manager, who was unaware of the situation as he was on a business trip in California.

    The friends embraced their newfound roles as makeshift managers, utilizing their business expertise to handle complaints and attend to guests’ needs. The police arrived but gave the friends permission to continue their operations. Utilizing TikTok, they shared snippets of their takeover to captivated viewers.

    Eventually, an employee from La Quinta Inn arrived, and the trio had managed to handle the hotel’s operations until then. Despite their efforts, when they asked to check into their room, the employee informed them of a $25 resort fee. Fortunately, a manager from another Wyndham Hotels & Resorts property arrived, expressing disbelief and gratitude for the friends’ dedication to running the hotel. They were swiftly checked in without any charges.

    As the friends decompressed in their room, they were startled to find a naked woman already occupying it. After explaining the situation, the friends returned to the lobby to inform the manager. Frustrated by the whole ordeal, they requested to stay at a Holiday Inn instead of La Quinta. The kind manager made a call, ultimately providing them with three suites and complimentary breakfast.

    La Quinta Inns & Suites, a property of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, has yet to comment publicly on the incident. As for the friends, they joked about potentially getting a Holiday Inn and even invited their TikTok followers to join them if they do.

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