Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Frontegg Expands Reach with AWS Marketplace Integration

    Frontegg, the esteemed customer identity platform, has announced its availability on AWS Marketplace, broadening its scope and providing new opportunities for customers. AWS Marketplace, known for its extensive catalog of third-party software and solutions, offers seamless procurement and customized usage-based pricing for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users.

    With this integration, Frontegg aims to transform the user management experience for organizations and end-users alike. “Frontegg represents the highest industry standards when it comes to identity and user management, enabling SaaS companies to jump-start innovation and scale their SaaS apps fast,” says Sagi Rodin, co-founder and CEO of Frontegg. This move positions Frontegg for continued growth and success in the industry.

    In addition to this partnership, Frontegg has also unveiled its latest suite of capabilities, called Frontegg Forward. This suite introduces a range of new features that prioritize speed of deployment and flexibility in user and identity management. Some notable features include Hierarchies, which allow users to create complex account structures, and the Security Suite, a three-layered innovation focused on real-time security oversight, end-user empowerment, and automated threat detection.

    Another exciting feature is Entitlements, which introduces a new paradigm for user access, enabling organizations to create tailored, context-aware controls based on roles and permissions. Additionally, Frontegg introduces Signals, which provides enterprise-grade analytics for nuanced insights to drive proactive upsell opportunities, risk mitigation, and geographical expansion insights.

    Frontegg’s integration with AWS Marketplace opens up new avenues for AWS users interested in leveraging the platform. Customers can visit Frontegg’s AWS Marketplace page to learn more and sign up for a free trial.

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    About Frontegg:
    Frontegg is a leading customer identity and user management platform that empowers modern SaaS companies to enhance security and user experience. With a comprehensive suite of identity management functionalities, Frontegg offers seamless onboarding flows, advanced user entitlements, robust authorization, role management, account security measures, and multi-tenancy support. By implementing Frontegg, businesses can shift their identity management processes left, allowing customers to design and customize their own experiences effortlessly. Founded in 2019, Frontegg has secured $70 million in funding and serves as the trusted identity and user management infrastructure for SaaS companies worldwide.


    1. What is Frontegg?

    Frontegg is a customer identity platform that provides advanced identity management functionalities for modern SaaS companies. It empowers organizations to enhance security and user experience.

    2. What is AWS Marketplace?

    AWS Marketplace is an online catalog where Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, services, and solutions to power their businesses.

    3. What are the key features of Frontegg’s Frontegg Forward suite?

    Frontegg Forward introduces features such as Hierarchies, Security Suite, Entitlements, and Signals. Hierarchies allow users to create complex account structures, while the Security Suite focuses on real-time security oversight, end-user empowerment, and automated threat detection. Entitlements offer a new paradigm for user access, and Signals provide enterprise-grade analytics for actionable insights.

    4. How can AWS users benefit from Frontegg’s availability on AWS Marketplace?

    AWS users interested in leveraging Frontegg can now easily access and deploy the platform through AWS Marketplace. This integration provides AWS users with the opportunity to enhance their user and identity management processes, improving security and driving innovation in their SaaS applications.