Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Gas Prices Set to Drop in Ottawa

    Gas prices in Ottawa are expected to decrease tomorrow, providing relief for motorists. Canadians for Affordable Energy President, Dan McTeague, reveals that the average price for a litre of gas will drop by 8 cents to 162.9 cents. This decrease marks the lowest price in the capital since July 19.

    The decline in gas prices is attributed to the shift from summer gasoline blends to winter gasoline blends. Winter blends are generally cheaper to produce, resulting in a decrease in retail prices. In August, gas prices in Ottawa reached a high of 172.9 cents per litre, making this decrease a significant relief for consumers.

    With the switch to winter gasoline blends, motorists can expect more affordable fuel prices at the pumps. This provides an opportunity for savings for individuals and businesses alike.

    Additionally, lower gas prices have the potential to positively impact the economy by reducing transportation costs and increasing consumer disposable income. With extra money in their pockets, consumers may have more flexibility in their spending, potentially boosting local businesses.

    Overall, the drop in gas prices in Ottawa is a welcome change for motorists who have experienced the burden of high fuel costs in recent months. This decrease is a result of the transition to winter gasoline blends, which are more cost-effective to produce. With more affordable prices, individuals and businesses can enjoy savings and potentially contribute to a boost in the local economy.

    – CTV News Ottawa’s Josh Pringle
    – Canadians for Affordable Energy