Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    GM Elects to Sit Out 2024 Super Bowl, Focusing on EV Profitability

    General Motors (GM) has made the surprising decision not to participate in the 2024 Super Bowl, breaking its streak of using the highly-watched television program to promote its electric vehicles (EVs) for the past four years. This move follows CEO Mary Barra’s recent announcement of delaying the launch of Equinox, Silverado RST, and GMC Sierra Denali EVs in an effort to enhance the profitability of GM’s EV portfolio.

    In the previous Super Bowl commercials, notable celebrities like Will Ferrell and LeBron James were featured advocating for GM’s EV line-up. Last year, Ferrell shared the screen with Netflix in a memorable ad, while the previous year showcased Ferrell highlighting how Norway was “out-EV’ing” the US. Despite the absence of GM and its EVs in the upcoming Super Bowl, Barra emphasizes that the company remains committed to strengthening its EV business.

    This decision also comes on the heels of GM’s cost-cutting initiatives, including a $2 billion fixed cost program and an efficiency improvement plan called “Winning with Simplicity.” Moreover, GM has faced challenges in ramping up production of its Ultium vehicles, but recent progress was demonstrated in Q3 with the launch of new models such as the Blazer EV and Silverado EV (WT) edition.

    While GM’s absence from the 2024 Super Bowl may come as a surprise, it aligns with the company’s strategy to prioritize EV profitability. By moderating the pace of its EV acceleration, GM aims to ensure strong pricing and enhance the overall financial performance of its EV portfolio. As the auto industry continues its transition to electric mobility, GM’s decision highlights the ongoing efforts to find the optimal balance between promoting EVs and achieving sustainable profitability.


    Why is GM not participating in the 2024 Super Bowl?

    GM has decided to sit out the 2024 Super Bowl after four consecutive years of using the event to promote its electric vehicles. This decision aligns with the company’s objective of enhancing the profitability of its EV portfolio by moderating the pace of EV acceleration.

    Will GM continue to focus on electric vehicles?

    Despite not advertising during the 2024 Super Bowl, GM remains committed to strengthening its EV business. The company has announced various cost-cutting initiatives and plans to launch new EV models in the coming years.

    How does GM plan to improve the profitability of its EV portfolio?

    GM aims to enhance the profitability of its EV portfolio by taking steps to ensure strong pricing. The decision to delay the launch of certain EV models is part of the company’s strategy to achieve sustainable financial performance and strengthen its EV business.

    Is GM facing any challenges in its EV production?

    GM has faced challenges in ramping up production of its Ultium vehicles but showed progress in Q3 with the launch of new EV models. The company is continuously working towards improving efficiency and streamlining operations to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.