Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Government Aims to Provide More User-Friendly Digital Services

    The South Korean government is committed to improving user-friendly digital services by implementing initiatives such as data sharing across ministries and eliminating the need for seal certification in real estate registration applications. Koh Jean, chairman of the Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government, emphasized the committee’s role in directly creating tasks for a digital platform government and working together with President Yoon Suk Yeol.

    Since its launch in September last year, the committee has made significant progress in its mission to enhance administrative services through AI and scientific data. One of its achievements includes the development of an action plan for a Digital Platform Government, consisting of four key priorities and 122 detailed implementation tasks. Additionally, the committee has formed 17 task forces dedicated to specific missions.

    One notable task highlighted by Koh Jean is bridging the gap between administrative and judicial agencies. The committee aims to streamline processes and improve public convenience by establishing data sharing protocols between these entities. For example, family relationship certificates will be shared among judiciary and administrative agencies, facilitating eligibility checks for various purposes, such as applying for new apartments. This integration is expected to significantly reduce inconveniences for the public.

    Furthermore, the committee aims to minimize the usage of seal certificates by providing digital alternatives where feasible. By 2025, electronic registration of real estate will no longer require seal certification. This initiative will not only reduce the number of seal certificates issued annually but also improve efficiency in the registration process.

    The committee is also exploring the utilization of AI technology to enhance safety in daily life. Projects such as an AI calling welfare system to assess the well-being of elders and AI-driven analysis of crowding risk situations using data from telecom base stations are among the innovations being pursued.

    With its proactive approach and collaborative efforts with private companies and the president, the Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government strives to deliver user-friendly digital services that align with the needs and expectations of the Korean people.

    – Korea Times