Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Graham & Brown Announces Design and Color of the Year for 2024

    Graham & Brown, the renowned interior design brand, has announced its Design and Color of the Year for 2024. As part of their Design Decade celebration, the 2024 edition marks the tenth anniversary of their Design of the Year. Inspired by the ‘Utopia’ trend embraced by the brand, next year’s design and color aim to create warm and inviting spaces with a touch of utopian atmosphere.

    The Design of the Year for 2024 is called New Eden. It features a vibrant hand-painted forest motif with a color palette dominated by emerald tones, along with splashes of yellows, oranges, and pinks. The design draws inspiration from Japan’s Omotenashi art and focuses on creating thoughtful and cozy rooms that blur the boundaries between different areas of the home.

    Maryanne Cartwright, Head of Design at Graham & Brown, explains that the purpose of the design is to create a peaceful and welcoming space for oneself and others. The brand wanted to highlight the healing and rejuvenating qualities of nature and emphasize the importance of slowing down in today’s fast-paced world. New Eden seeks to bring the essence of nature indoors and create a cozy environment for both residents and guests.

    In addition to wallpaper and custom wallpaper trends, New Eden is also available as made-to-measure curtains and blinds. The design is offered in multiple color options, including bright tones and more subdued choices.

    Graham & Brown’s Color of the Year for 2024 is Viridis, a soft and rich shade of green that beautifully complements the New Eden wallpaper in Emerald. Viridis stands out for creating warm and cozy spaces, evoking a sense of calm and nourishment. According to Cartwright, the color reflects harmony and stability and has a positive impact on the home’s atmosphere. It symbolizes growth, health, and renewal, creating a feeling of abundance and security.

    Graham & Brown recommends using Viridis in small rooms to achieve a relaxing atmosphere or in larger spaces like entertainment areas or lobbies. The color is intended to create a sanctuary, a place where one can spend time with loved ones.

    Overall, Graham & Brown’s Design and Color of the Year for 2024 aim to bring a touch of nature and tranquility to interior design, allowing homeowners to create cozy and serene spaces.

    – Graham & Brown (No URL provided)