Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Guardian Paintings Reach Hearts and Homes through Reinvintage Warehouse

    In Spartanburg, South Carolina, a unique artwork is making waves in the local community. Kristofer Neely’s guardian paintings, created on pieces of driftwood, have become a symbol of hope and comfort for many individuals. It all started when Neely painted a guardian angel on driftwood as a tribute to his late brother. His mother was moved by the artwork and requested more paintings to share with her friends. Little did Neely know that his paintings would soon become a popular medium, touching lives in hospitals, nursing homes, and even on the mirrors of new drivers.

    Today, Neely’s work, known as Guardians by Kristopher Neely, is on display and available for purchase at Reinvintage Warehouse, an artisan collective located in a former textile mill. This unique space features 65 vendors who sell a variety of vintage and repurposed items, industrial furniture, antiques, and handmade wares. The warehouse offers customers a glimpse into the past with its concrete floor and exposed ceiling, while also showcasing the new life that these creations bring.

    The vendors at Reinvintage Warehouse are a diverse group, each with their own motivations for being part of the collective. Some vendors are scaling down their businesses, while others are using the space to grow their own ventures. Regardless of their backgrounds, the common thread lies in their appreciation for the products they sell. The items found in the warehouse hold sentimentality and nostalgia, often attracting customers seeking unique and meaningful pieces.

    For those in search of a guardian painting by Neely, Reinvintage Warehouse provides the perfect setting to discover this heartfelt artwork. Through this collaboration, Neely’s paintings have found a home where they can continue to bring hope and inspiration to those who encounter them.

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