Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Highland Park Community Garden Land Won’t Be Sold to Developer

    The Highland Park City Council has made the decision not to sell the land that is home to a community garden in Highland Park to a developer. The land has been in the center of a dispute between the developer and a group that has developed a garden on the grounds. The city owns the land, but the nonprofit Avalon Village has been running a community garden there.

    Shamayim Harris, who built the garden, expressed her concerns at the city council meeting, stating that she has been illegally on the property for years, taking care of it and investing her time and resources into it. Meanwhile, developer Rick Lopez of PMP Properties wanted to buy the land to use it as the yard for one of the homes he owns nearby.

    The city council explained that they follow a rule that grants the land to the first applicant, in this case, Harris. However, some attendees of the meeting, including residents of Highland Park, expressed their disappointment in the council’s decision, arguing that selling the land to the developer would bring tax revenue to the city.

    In a 3-2 vote, the council decided not to sell the land to PMP Properties. However, this does not imply that the land will be sold to Avalon Village. The next steps for the sale of the land are unclear at this point.

    Overall, the decision by the Highland Park City Council to prioritize the community garden over the developer’s interests shows their commitment to supporting local initiatives and the benefits they bring to the neighborhood.

    – Community Garden: A piece of land collectively maintained by a group of people for growing plants and vegetables for personal consumption or community use.
    – Developer: An individual or company that purchases land or property with the goal of improving or developing it for commercial or residential purposes.

    Source: CBS DETROIT (Kelly Vaughen)