Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
    Iconic “Halloween” House Featured in Jamie Lee Curtis Film on Sale for $1.8 Million

    The famous California house that served as the home of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character in the iconic movie “Halloween” is currently up for sale for nearly $1.8 million. Located on a picturesque tree-lined street in South Pasadena, this four-bedroom property gained recognition as the place where Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode, sat on the front steps holding a pumpkin in the original film. The house, situated in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois, also showcased Curtis descending the porch steps with an avocado tree by her side. Interestingly, the avocado tree was planted by the seller’s grandfather and has always been a symbolic feature of the house.

    Although the house has been in the family for four generations, minimal changes have been made to the exterior. This preservation allows it to maintain its original appearance, instantly recognizable to fans of the movie. Since it was listed earlier this month, the property has garnered significant attention, attracting potential buyers and avid horror film enthusiasts alike.

    Real estate agent Heidi Babcock stated that horror fans are more than welcome to visit the property when it is open for viewing. With its historical significance and status as a rare legal triplex in the neighborhood, Babcock emphasizes that the house presents an exceptional opportunity for potential buyers.

    South Pasadena is well-known for its walkability and excellent school district, making it an attractive place to settle down. Additionally, the neighborhood has acquired a reputation for being an exciting location for Halloween celebrations, with reports of Michael Myers, the iconic villain from the “Halloween” franchise, occasionally roaming the streets during the holidays.

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