Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Introducing Aitekx RoboTruck: A Unique Take on Electric Pick-Up Trucks

    Aitekx, a Silicon Valley-based company known for its innovative approach to e-mobility and artificial intelligence, has unveiled its much-anticipated prototype, the Aitekx RoboTruck, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Inspired by the design and philosophy of the Tesla Cybertruck, this electric pick-up truck aims to carve its own path in the rapidly growing market.

    One of the key selling points of the Aitekx RoboTruck is its impressive visual appeal. Prior to its unveiling, the company had released carefully retouched CGI images that promised a high-quality, well-crafted vehicle. However, the real-life prototype showcased at the event fell short of these expectations, with a lackluster finish that left much to be desired.

    Measuring between 4.77m and 5.03m in length, the Aitekx RoboTruck will be available in both single and double cab versions. While the power of its dual electric motors has yet to be revealed, the starting price is set at $45,000, reaching up to $99,000. It’s worth noting that Tesla’s Cybertruck, which served as a major inspiration for Aitekx, starts at $39,000 for the single motor variant and $49,000 for the dual motor version.

    Aitekx’s ambition to emulate Tesla extends beyond aesthetics and price. The company plans to offer butterfly doors reminiscent of the Tesla Model X, further highlighting its desire to capture the attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts.

    Despite the underwhelming presentation of the prototype, Aitekx remains confident in its ability to deliver a robust and compelling electric pick-up truck option to consumers. With further development and refinement, the company aims to bridge the gap between dream and reality, offering a vehicle that combines style, technology, and sustainable mobility.


    1. When will the Aitekx RoboTruck be available for purchase?

    Aitekx has not announced an official release date for the RoboTruck. Further updates about its availability are expected in the coming months.

    2. How does the price of the Aitekx RoboTruck compare to the Tesla Cybertruck?

    The Aitekx RoboTruck is priced starting from $45,000, while the Tesla Cybertruck starts at $39,000 for the single motor variant. The price difference reflects varying features and capabilities between the two trucks.

    3. Does the Aitekx RoboTruck offer any unique features beyond its design?

    In addition to its sleek design, the Aitekx RoboTruck plans to incorporate butterfly doors, similar to those seen on the Tesla Model X. This feature aims to enhance the overall visual appeal of the vehicle.

    4. What is the power output of the Aitekx RoboTruck’s electric motors?

    The power output of the Aitekx RoboTruck’s dual electric motors has not been disclosed by the company. More information regarding the vehicle’s performance will likely be revealed closer to its official launch.