Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
    Irish Investors Acquire Nursing Home Company Amidst Governance Concerns

    A private company that operated nursing homes in Ireland has recently been acquired by a consortium of Irish investors. The acquisition came after the healthcare watchdog, Health Information Quality Authority (Hiqa), raised concerns about governance issues at some of the facilities operated by Aperee Living.

    Aperee Living previously ran 10 nursing homes in the country, but following the Health Information Quality Authority’s intervention, three of those facilities were ordered to close due to governance shortcomings and concerns for residents’ safety. The regulator uncovered instances where residents’ funds were inappropriately used to cover operating costs, as well as cases where money was not returned to the estates of deceased residents.

    In light of these concerns, a consortium led by Paul Kingston, an experienced professional in the nursing home sector, stepped in and acquired Aperee Living. The portfolio includes the seven nursing homes that Aperee continues to operate, along with additional properties and development projects.

    With approximately 350 residents currently residing in the seven nursing homes, the consortium aims to ensure the highest standards of care. They have emphasized their commitment to providing excellent clinical support, personalized care, companionship, engaging activities, and community events. The consortium is eager to collaborate with the directors of nursing and their clinical teams, as well as meet with residents and their families to deliver an exceptional service in the nursing home sector.

    The acquisition brings hope for stability and growth to Aperee Living as it moves forward under new ownership. The outgoing director, Mr. O’Shea, expressed his delight in the finalization of the acquisition and extended his well wishes to Paul Kingston and the consortium.

    Q: What led to the acquisition of Aperee Living?
    A: The acquisition was prompted by concerns about governance issues and resident safety raised by the healthcare watchdog, Hiqa.

    Q: Who acquired Aperee Living?
    A: Aperee Living was acquired by a consortium of Irish investors led by Paul Kingston, an individual with extensive experience in the nursing home sector.

    Q: How many nursing homes does Aperee continue to operate?
    A: Aperee currently operates seven nursing homes across the country.

    Q: What are the goals of the consortium in managing the nursing homes?
    A: The consortium aims to provide the highest standards of care, including excellent clinical support, personalized care, engaging activities, and community events. They prioritize the wellbeing of residents and their families.