Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Kidnapped Livonia Twins Found Safe in Detroit After AMBER Alert

    Two abducted infants from Livonia have been found safe in Detroit after an AMBER Alert was issued. The 2-week-old twin boys, Montana Alexander Bridges and Matthew Jace Bridges, were taken from Livonia by two unknown women. Livonia police reported that the infants were safely recovered and returned to a Detroit police precinct with no apparent injuries. Although no suspects are currently in custody, four people, including one juvenile, have been arrested in connection with the case. The motivation behind the abduction remains unclear. Family members also believe the suspects broke into the victims’ home prior to their stay at the Livonia motel.

    Rare Spotless Baby Giraffe Born at Tennessee Zoo

    Bright’s Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee, recently celebrated the birth of a rare spotless baby giraffe. Weighing only 6 feet tall, the giraffe was born on July 31, 2023. The adorable addition has captured the hearts of zoo visitors and staff alike.

    Dearborn’s Historic ‘Kingsbury Castle’ Listed for Sale

    The historic ‘Kingsbury Castle’ in Dearborn, Michigan, is up for sale. Built in the 1920s by real estate developer Edith Mae Cummings, the 8,000-square-foot Tudor-style home is filled with unique features such as coves, bronze statues, Tiffany lamps, and a turret. The castle holds significant historical value in the Dearborn community and has been in the Marusak family for 48 years. The property offers a wealth of memories and opportunities for its future owners.

    Multiple Tornadoes Touched Down in Michigan

    Michigan experienced severe weather on Thursday, resulting in the confirmation of at least four tornadoes by the National Weather Service. One EF1 tornado was confirmed in Livingston County, while the other three touched down in Wayne County, Belleville, Canton, and Kent County. The destructive power of these tornadoes left a trail of uprooted trees and damaged homes, causing significant distress to affected communities.

    Olive Garden Soup Controversy

    A customer at Olive Garden in Madison Heights, Michigan, claimed to have found a rat’s foot in his bowl of minestrone soup. Thomas Howie was dining with friends when he experienced a horrifying sensation of something sharp in his mouth. After removing the foreign object, which he believed to be a rat’s foot, Howie felt traumatized by the dining experience. Consequently, he decided to take legal action against Olive Garden.

    Tragic Incidents in Walled Lake and Washtenaw County

    The body of a missing swimmer in Walled Lake, Michigan, was recovered by divers. Adam Malecki, 36, went missing during a storm, and his body was found approximately 500 feet from shore. In Washtenaw County, a suspected murder-suicide attempt occurred, with a man shooting his fiancée multiple times before turning the gun on himself. The woman survived the incident and was found alive by authorities.

    Teens Turn Themselves in After Dine-and-Dash Incident

    Four teenagers who left a restaurant in Dearborn without paying a bill totaling $400 turned themselves in to the police after the incident gained attention on social media. The group indulged in an expensive meal, including lobster tails, snow crab, and shrimp, before leaving the Red Sea Restaurant. The restaurant owner, Suhail Mohammed, shared surveillance footage on Instagram to help identify the individuals involved.