Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
    Labour Party Promises Rebates for Rooftop Solar Panels and Battery Installations

    Labour Party leader Chris Hipkins has unveiled a new policy that offers rebates of up to $4000 for rooftop solar panels and battery installations, as well as an additional $20 million for community energy projects. The party aims to double rooftop solar generation in New Zealand and reduce reliance on the national grid. The policy includes up to $2000 for the installation of rooftop solar panels and a further $2000 for battery installation. The $20 million funding will be allocated to community energy projects to increase renewable energy generation and lower power bills nationwide.

    Labour’s Energy spokesperson Megan Woods explains that the funding for community energy projects will be used for initiatives like mini urban solar farms that utilize spare commercial roof space. These solar panels will provide energy to the grid and generate revenue for those with unused roof space. The party believes that transitioning to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro is a fiscally responsible way to protect New Zealanders from volatile global energy prices.

    Labour’s previous decarbonizing rebate policy also offers significant rebates for home renovations to improve energy efficiency. The party has received support from Greenpeace for their commitment to boosting household and community energy. Greenpeace spokesperson Amanda Larsson recognizes the importance of local ownership in renewable energy projects and calls for further ambitious policies to address climate change.

    The aim of Labour’s solar policy is to increase renewable energy generation and reduce reliance on the national grid. By offering rebates for rooftop solar panels and batteries, the party hopes to expand the adoption of solar power in New Zealand homes. The additional funding for community energy projects will further contribute to the development of renewable energy sources and lower electricity bills. The policy is part of Labour’s broader goal to increase renewable generation and decrease emissions, while also positioning New Zealand for a sustainable future economy.

    – Newshub
    – RNZ