Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    LinkedIn Study: Indian Professionals Embrace Generative AI

    A recent study conducted by LinkedIn reveals that professionals in India are enthusiastic about embracing the advancements in generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. The survey found that over 8 in 10 professionals believe that their job roles will experience significant changes within the next year as a result of AI.

    Despite some concerns and feelings of being overwhelmed, the majority of professionals in India are willing to adapt and learn more about AI. In fact, 71% of professionals expressed a desire to expand their knowledge in this field, even if they are unsure of where to begin.

    The study also revealed that a notable proportion of the workforce (68%) already utilize generative AI in their jobs. Among these professionals, 50% have tried out generative AI tools like ChatGPT, with millennials and GenZ taking the lead in their usage.

    The data highlights a growing curiosity and enthusiasm among professionals in India, with 66% expressing a desire to know more about AI. Additionally, 65% believe that their colleagues have a better understanding of AI than they do, indicating a motivation to stay informed and up to date.

    While acknowledging the potential challenges and uncertainties, Indian professionals remain optimistic about the positive impact of AI on their careers. An overwhelming 98% of participants expressed their excitement about using AI at work, believing that it will help them progress in their careers. The study also revealed that AI can enhance job satisfaction and work-life balance for professionals in India.

    According to LinkedIn, there has been a 21x increase in job listings globally that mention generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. This highlights the growing importance of AI skills for career development and suggests that professionals who embrace AI may have a competitive advantage in the job market.

    The study emphasizes the significance of both AI skills and soft skills for professionals. While AI can provide faster access to knowledge and support career advancement, professionals in India also believe that skills such as problem-solving, communication, and creativity will become more important as AI becomes more prevalent in the workplace.

    The research conducted by Censuswide included 2,045 workers in India aged 18 or above. The study aimed to explore the attitudes and perceptions of professionals towards AI in the workplace.

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