Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Miami Real Estate Magnate Donates Millions of Shoes to Needy Children

    Miami-based real estate mogul Patrick Carroll is making a significant impact by donating millions of dollars’ worth of shoes to underprivileged children through his “KICKZ FOR KIDS” campaign. Recently, Carroll gifted 600 shoes to the Boys & Girls Club of the Union League in Chicago, bringing the total donated shoes to over $1 million.

    Carroll, the founder of CARROLL, a real estate company with a portfolio of over 30,000 properties, has established himself as a dedicated philanthropist with a focus on helping children in need. He has donated shoes to children in cities across the country, including Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, and New York City, with the support of celebrities like Briannagh D, George Daniels, and Seraphina Sanan.

    The most rewarding part of the campaign for Carroll is seeing the joy and excitement on children’s faces when they receive the shoes. He believes that this experience can inspire children to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their dreams, regardless of their circumstances.

    Carroll’s career in real estate began by buying and improving properties before selling them for a profit. In 2004, he founded CARROLL and focused on residential development, which led to early success. Later, he expanded into the commercial real estate sector, including shopping centers, student housing, and mixed-use properties.

    CARROLL’s success is based on Carroll’s disciplined and strategic approach to investments. The company remains privately owned, allowing Carroll to make quick decisions and innovate without being tied to industry trends. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CARROLL successfully transitioned to a remote work model, prioritizing the health and well-being of its residents, partners, and employees.

    In addition to his philanthropic efforts in the real estate industry, Carroll is actively involved in various charitable causes. He has made significant donations to food banks and hospitals in Atlanta and supports Habitat for Humanity. He also provides scholarships to students at his former high school.

    Looking towards the future, Carroll sees opportunities in the post-pandemic world, with urban residents seeking housing in suburban areas. CARROLL plans to provide rental properties with amenities and conveniences that meet this demand. Carroll is also exploring investments outside of the real estate sector, including wellness products and services that support the changing lifestyles resulting from the pandemic.

    Carroll’s dedication to philanthropy goes beyond financial support, as he promotes a culture of compassion within CARROLL and encourages his employees to participate in their own philanthropic initiatives. Through his “KICKZ FOR KIDS” campaign and various charitable endeavors, Carroll is leaving a lasting impact on the lives of needy children and inspiring others to do the same.