Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    New Amazon Spheres Open for Public Tours

    Amazon has opened its new architectural marvel, the Amazon Spheres, to the public. Located at the company’s Seattle headquarters, the Spheres have been designed to create a lush, tropical environment for Amazon employees to work, relax, and innovate in. Now, visitors and employees alike can tour this unique workspace.

    The Amazon Spheres are three interconnected glass domes, each with its own distinct ecosystem. The largest dome, called the “Cloud Forest,” houses a 60-foot tall living wall covered in more than 25,000 plants. Visitors can meander through the lush vegetation and admire the tropical beauty. The other two domes, the “Mountain” and the “River,” provide additional spaces for relaxation and creativity.

    Inside the Spheres, there are workspaces, meeting rooms, and even treehouses for employees to enjoy. The aim of this unique workplace is to provide a refreshing environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and connection with nature.

    Public tours of the Amazon Spheres will be available twice a month, starting on March 15th. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the stunning architecture, learn about the plants and ecosystems inside, and get a glimpse of the innovative work happening at Amazon.

    This architectural wonder has been receiving worldwide attention for its unique design and sustainable features. The Spheres are an example of biophilic design, which seeks to incorporate nature into the built environment. It is a reflection of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.


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