Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
    New Questions Arise in Investigation of Fatal Boat Crash

    The investigation into a fatal boat crash in south Biscayne Bay last year has come under scrutiny after body camera footage contradicted key findings in a state police report. The report stated that the boat captain, George Pino, declined to take a blood alcohol test because his lawyer was not present. However, the body camera footage revealed that Pino refused the test because he had consumed two beers that day.

    Initial reports from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that alcohol was not a factor in the September 2022 crash. This conclusion was upheld in the final summary report, despite the discovery of empty alcohol containers on the boat. However, the released body camera footage shows Pino expressing distress about the incident and admitting to consuming alcohol.

    During the conversation with the investigator, Pino was asked to submit two vials of blood, to which he replied with his admission of having had two beers. The investigator did not press Pino to take the test, emphasizing that drinking alcohol on a boat is not illegal. The investigator also made it clear that the test was voluntary.

    Following the release of the footage, the parents of the teenage girl who died in the crash expressed their disappointment and questioned the legitimacy of the investigation. They stated that the inconsistencies between the final report and the body camera footage raise doubts about the thoroughness and integrity of the investigation.

    A lawsuit has been filed against Pino by the parents of the other injured teenager, alleging that Pino provided alcohol to the teenagers on the day of the crash. Pino and his wife have denied these accusations.

    Law enforcement officials have defended the investigation, stating that the investigator specialized in detecting signs of drug and alcohol use and found no evidence of impairment in Pino. The chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that multiple officers at the scene also did not observe any signs of impairment from Pino.

    These new revelations and conflicting information have raised additional questions about the investigation into the fatal boat crash and the role of alcohol in the accident.

    Sources: Miami Herald