Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    New Social Media Platform Pebble Uses AI to Generate Post Suggestions

    Pebble, a Twitter-style social media platform, has introduced a new feature called Ideas that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to generate post suggestions for its users. Instead of relying on users to come up with their own content, they can now click on the Ideas tab to view a list of AI-generated posts or replies based on their past activity. Users can then publish one of these suggestions with just a single click.

    The CEO of Pebble, Gabor Cselle, believes that this new AI feature will create a kinder, safer, and more engaging experience for users. The platform aims to ensure that users see great content, post great content, and interact with the community. Pebble also plans to seek additional funding, run advertisements, and offer subscriptions in the future.

    Pebble is one of the first social media platforms to provide AI-generated post suggestions to users. While other platforms like Meta and LinkedIn offer similar features, they require some input from the users themselves. Pebble’s suggestions, on the other hand, are fully automatic and draw inspiration from users’ recent posts and interactions as well as generic templates developed by the company.

    The introduction of the Ideas feature could potentially increase the amount of content and engagement on Pebble, setting it apart from other platforms like Twitter. However, it also poses risks, such as the potential for the AI-generated text to perpetuate biases or misinformation. To address this, Pebble allows users to edit or ignore the suggestions and is using generative AI to vet new signups, ensuring that they adhere to community guidelines.

    Pebble’s vision for growth is focused on slow and steady progress. By allowing users with an X account to sign up and offering AI-generated suggestions, the platform hopes to attract new users. However, the challenge lies in maintaining the integrity of the community and mitigating content moderation challenges that may arise with an influx of new users.

    Overall, Pebble’s use of AI-generated post suggestions aims to provide a more seamless and engaging user experience. As the platform grows, it will continue to refine its features and expand its user base while prioritizing the safety and quality of content on the platform.

    Source: Original article “Social Media Platform Pebble Uses AI to Suggest Posts” by Will Knight, Wired.