Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Nikki Stowers Loses Life Savings in Dubious Investment Deal

    Nikki Stowers, an unsuspecting investor, finds herself in a devastating situation after entrusting Graeme Drew with her inheritance. Stowers claims that she has lost half a million dollars as a result of this ill-fated investment. In hindsight, she admits that she may not have been thinking clearly when she decided to rely on Drew’s expertise.

    Stowers initially believed Drew’s claims of being an international businessman, qualified lawyer, and real estate agent in Sydney’s Balmain. She had no reason to doubt his credentials or intentions at the time. However, her trust soon turned to despair as her life savings disappeared into thin air.

    According to Drew, he invested the money in a development project in Hawaii, making it clear to Stowers that there were risks involved. Unfortunately, Stowers has yet to receive any documentation or evidence to support his claims. Her repeated requests for transparency have gone unanswered.

    A Current Affair, in an attempt to shed light on the situation, tracked down Drew at his local pub. The confrontation between Drew and the news crew may have caught the attention of patrons, but it seemingly left Drew with a bitter aftertaste. Watch the video here to witness the tension firsthand.

    Stowers’ heartbreaking story serves as a cautionary tale for individuals seeking to invest their hard-earned money. It highlights the importance of conducting thorough due diligence and exercising caution when dealing with investment opportunities. The consequences of misplaced trust can be financially and emotionally devastating.


    Q: How much money did Nikki Stowers lose?
    A: Nikki Stowers claims she has lost half a million dollars.

    Q: Who did Nikki Stowers trust with her inheritance?
    A: Nikki Stowers entrusted Graeme Drew with her inheritance.

    Q: What justification did Graeme Drew give for the investment?
    A: Graeme Drew claimed he invested the money in a development project in Hawaii.

    Q: Has Graeme Drew provided any documentation to Nikki Stowers?
    A: According to Stowers, Drew has failed to produce any documentation despite her repeated requests.

    Q: Where was Graeme Drew confronted by A Current Affair?
    A: A Current Affair found Graeme Drew at his local pub.