Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Oak Lawn Business Temporarily Closes After Car Accident

    In a surprising turn of events, a car crashed into a local business on South Cicero Avenue in Oak Lawn on Monday afternoon. According to the Oak Lawn Police Department’s Twitter account, the incident occurred near 105th Place, leading to the closure of a portion of the avenue. The car plowed into the Dollar Tree store in the vicinity, causing significant damage and prompting the closure.

    While the northbound lanes have already reopened, the southbound lanes are expected to remain closed until around 5 p.m. on Monday. The authorities are working diligently to investigate the incident and determine what factors led to the crash. At this time, it remains unknown whether anyone sustained injuries as a result of the accident.

    The impact of such incidents on local businesses cannot be understated. Temporary closures due to accidents can result in financial losses, especially for smaller establishments. It is crucial for affected businesses to promptly assess the damages and take necessary steps to resume operations as soon as possible.

    As this is a developing story, it is recommended to stay tuned to reliable news sources, such as WGN, for the latest updates on the situation. Information regarding any potential injuries, the cause of the accident, and the expected timeline for the store’s reopening will likely be provided as details continue to emerge.


    Q: Is the Dollar Tree store the only business affected by the crash?
    A: The article does not specify if any other businesses were affected, but the closure of the section of South Cicero Avenue suggests there may be other impacts.

    Q: How can I support affected businesses during temporary closures?
    A: If you want to support local businesses during temporary closures, consider shopping at their online stores if available, purchasing gift cards for future use, or spreading the word about their services to others.

    Q: Will there be any traffic diversions during the southbound lane closure?
    A: The article does not mention specific traffic diversions, but it is advisable to follow the guidance of local authorities and seek alternative routes if needed.