Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    OpenBet to Launch in Brazilian Sports Betting Market in Partnership with Play7.Bet

    OpenBet, a leading betting solutions provider, is preparing to enter the Brazilian sports betting market through a collaboration with Portuguese language operator Play7.Bet. As part of the partnership, OpenBet will offer Play7.Bet its Player Account Management (PAM) that includes promotional, customer relationship management, anti-money laundering (AML), and responsible gaming tools. Additionally, Play7.Bet will utilize OpenBet’s Betting Engine and Managed Trading Services, as well as the AI-powered responsible gaming, AML, and fraud detection capabilities of the firm’s subsidiary, Neccton.

    OpenBet’s CEO, Jordan Levin, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the company’s years of experience in regulated markets and successful entry into various countries. He emphasized the importance of working with competent local companies like Play7.Bet to achieve success in new markets. OpenBet’s move into Brazil builds upon its strong presence in European and North American betting markets, where it has handled significant volumes of bets on major tournaments such as the World Cup, NFL, and UK Grand National.

    Brazil is set to become one of the largest betting markets globally, with federal-wide regulation moving closer to completion. Recently, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved the Betting Regulation Bill, which will now proceed to the Senate for consideration. This development has attracted the interest of numerous operators and suppliers, as well as local firms and state lottery operators aiming to enhance their sportsbook platforms in anticipation of the market’s opening.

    OpenBet is confident in its ability to surpass local market standards and provide safe and thrilling sports betting experiences in Brazil, a country with a large adult population of tens of millions. Play7.Bet’s CEO, Moises Deiab, expressed pride and excitement in the partnership, noting that OpenBet is renowned for its complete and scalable sports betting products and services. He emphasized the importance of working with a company committed to responsible gaming, player protection, local investment, and regulated markets, and highlighted that OpenBet is a pivotal part of Play7.Bet’s ambitious plans for the Brazilian market.

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