Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Oran Park Woman Wins $760,000 in Saturday Lotto

    An Oran Park woman from New South Wales is celebrating her recent win of $760,000 in Saturday Lotto. The lucky winner, who purchased her System 9 entry online at, is planning to use the prize money to pay off her mortgage and enjoy a well-deserved sunny holiday.

    The woman initially mistook the lottery officials’ calls as a scam, but upon discovering the truth, she was overcome with shock and excitement. She expressed her disbelief and gratitude, stating that she hadn’t had a chance to decide how exactly she would use the prize money.

    With this win, the Western Sydney and Blue Mountains regions have seen a total of 13 division one winning entries in 2023, amounting to over $18.29 million in prize money. The Lott, the official home of Australia’s lotteries, has witnessed a total of 4,399 division one wins so far this year.

    Saturday Lotto draw 4399, on September 16, 2023, produced seven division one winning entries across Australia. Three of these winners were from New South Wales, two from Queensland, and one each from South Australia and Western Australia. In this financial year alone, Saturday Lotto has created 158 millionaires nationwide, with a total of 332 division one wins and over $463.06 million in prize money.

    The lucky Oran Park winner is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to relax on a sunny holiday and treat herself to a refreshing cocktail. After a long break from vacations, this windfall has provided her with the perfect chance to unwind and enjoy her well-deserved time off.

    – division one: the highest prize division in a lottery game, typically awarded for matching all the main numbers correctly.
    – The Lott: the official website and platform for Australia’s lotteries.

    – The Lott