Sun. Dec 10th, 2023
    Organic Kiwifruit Industry Set to Flourish with Record Prices and Improved Quality

    The upcoming season holds great promise for kiwifruit growers, as they anticipate record prices and an abundant harvest. Last season, growers faced quality challenges that led to reduced payments and diminished profits. However, the outlook has significantly improved for the industry, as Zespri, the leading marketer of kiwifruit in New Zealand, recently released its forecast, revealing a brighter future.

    Green kiwifruit stands out among the variety, with an expected return of $9 per tray. This surpasses last season’s orchard gate return (OGR) of $5.78 per tray. Additionally, organic green kiwifruit is projected to reach $12 per tray, an increase from last season’s OGR of $8.68. The newer RubyRed variety is also expected to yield higher returns, with a forecast of $26.10 per tray compared to the previous year’s final payment of $22.27. SunGold Kiwifruit, a popular variety, is anticipated to bring in $12.35 per tray, surpassing last season’s OGR of $9.97.

    According to Zespri CEO Dan Mathieson, these favorable results highlight the growing demand for Zespri Kiwifruit and the industry’s commitment to improving fruit quality. Positive feedback from customers throughout the season has affirmed the industry’s efforts in this regard. Furthermore, the demand for Zespri Kiwifruit is expected to rise even further in the upcoming season.

    Mathieson emphasized the importance of maintaining the focus on fruit quality in the years to come. The industry anticipates a significant increase in volume by 2024, making it crucial for all stakeholders to continue their dedication to improving quality. This will ultimately benefit growers by enhancing the value of their produce.

    Despite the challenges faced by growers, such as rising costs, labor shortages, regulatory changes, and climate fluctuations, the positive news of improved prices serves as a testament to their hard work and resilience. The industry’s future success relies on collaboration and collective efforts to deliver high-quality kiwifruit to the market.


    Q: What are the forecast prices for green kiwifruit?
    A: The forecast return for green kiwifruit is $9 per tray, significantly higher than last season’s final payment of $5.78 per tray.

    Q: What is the projected price for organic green kiwifruit?
    A: Organic green kiwifruit is expected to reach $12 per tray, up from last season’s final payment of $8.68 per tray.

    Q: How much is the RubyRed variety forecasted to bring in?
    A: The RubyRed variety is projected to yield $26.10 per tray, compared to last year’s final payment of $22.27 per tray.

    Q: What is the anticipated return for SunGold Kiwifruit?
    A: SunGold Kiwifruit is expected to bring in $12.35 per tray, surpassing last season’s final payment of $9.97 per tray.