Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
    Parents Express Displeasure as Coles Makes Changes to “Free Fruit for Kids” Program

    Frustrated parents are expressing their disappointment with Coles after the supermarket chain recently announced changes to its popular “free fruit for kids” program. The program, which has been a hit among shoppers for years, allowed children to select a fresh piece of fruit while their parents shopped. However, some stores have decided to discontinue the offering, sparking outrage among parents.

    While Coles confirmed the change, they made it clear that not all stores are discontinuing the program. According to a spokesperson, the decision to offer free fruit for kids is now at the discretion of each individual store. Some stores will continue to provide the free offering, while others will no longer participate.

    The news of the changes has led to a backlash from parents who frequent the affected stores. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their frustration and have even called for a boycott of Coles. One parent, known as @getsocialwithsammi on TikTok, voiced her disappointment in a video, challenging the decision-makers to “do better” and criticizing their lack of understanding of the challenges faced by parents with young children.

    While some shoppers are supportive of Coles’ decision, arguing that the supermarket doesn’t owe anyone free items, others believe that the removal of the program is driven by corporate greed. They point to Coles’ substantial profits last year and the rising prices of groceries as evidence that the company could afford to continue offering free fruit for kids.

    Despite the changes, Coles maintains its commitment to promoting healthy eating habits for children. In lieu of the free fruit program, the supermarket now offers “kids’ packs” of undersized fruit, including apples, pears, and mandarins, that are marketed as perfect options for school lunches.

    As this issue continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether Coles will reconsider its decision in response to the backlash from parents. Shoppers will be eagerly watching to see how the supermarket responds and whether the “free fruit for kids” program will be fully reinstated in the future.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Is Coles completely eliminating the “free fruit for kids” program?

    No, the program is being discontinued in some stores but not all. The decision to offer free fruit for kids now lies with each individual store.

    2. Are parents boycotting Coles due to the changes?

    Yes, some parents have expressed their disappointment and have called for a boycott of Coles over the decision to discontinue the “free fruit for kids” program.

    3. Will Coles continue to promote healthy eating for children?

    Yes, according to a spokesperson for Coles, the supermarket remains committed to encouraging healthy eating habits among children. They now offer “kids’ packs” of undersized fruit as an alternative to the free fruit program.

    4. Why did Coles make changes to the program?

    Coles has not provided specific reasons for the changes. Some shoppers speculate that it may be driven by profit motives, while others believe it could be due to logistical or cost considerations.