Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Pueblo Homeowners Face Issues with Richmond American Homes

    Homeowners in the Villa Bella subdivision in Pueblo are expressing frustration over various problems with their newly built homes. Issues include leaking furnaces, broken floor joists, missing shingles, broken air conditioners, loose siding, and inadequate vapor barriers. These problems have caused damage to the homes and prompted concerns about mold growth. Despite being covered by a one-year limited warranty, homeowners have found it difficult to get the builder, Richmond American Homes, to address the issues or even respond to their calls.

    The homeowners have reported that they were warned by the builder’s representatives that they would face financial penalties if they did not close on the properties on time. Many of them noticed the problems before closing but felt pressured to proceed with the purchase. Some residents have resorted to creating spreadsheets to keep track of the issues in their homes.

    Natasha Gandhi, division president for Richmond American Homes, and Dan Stone, assistant project manager, responded to the concerns raised by the homeowners. They acknowledged that the homes are covered by a limited warranty and stated that the company would address each issue on a case-by-case basis. They encouraged homeowners to continue submitting warranty requests online to keep a record of them. However, the homeowners still feel that their concerns are not being addressed in a timely manner.

    In addition to their frustrations with the builder, the homeowners also feel let down by the city of Pueblo and the Pueblo Regional Building Department. They believe that the city failed to address stormwater drainage issues and that the building department did not properly enforce code violations during inspections.

    The Pueblo Regional Building Department has confirmed that it is addressing violation notices regarding Richmond American Homes. However, some homeowners have reported that the violations have not been corrected within the given timeframe.

    The Villa Bella homeowners have taken their concerns public by displaying signs in their front yards expressing dissatisfaction with the customer care provided by Richmond American Homes. They hope to raise awareness and caution potential buyers about the issues they have faced.


    – The Pueblo Chieftain

    – Interviews with homeowners in Villa Bella