Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Real Estate Giant 72SOLD Raises funds for Sickle Cell Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

    September is recognized as National Sickle Cell Awareness Month, a month dedicated to shedding light on the importance of research and treatment for sickle cell disease. In support of this cause, real estate company 72SOLD is actively raising funds for the sickle cell program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

    With the collective effort of their valued customers, partners, staff, and company contributions, 72SOLD aims to make a significant impact on the Sickle Cell program at Phoenix Children’s. Their goal for this year is to raise and donate $25,000 to support the cause.

    All proceeds received will directly benefit the Sickle Cell Program at Phoenix Children’s, and 72SOLD is generously matching community donations dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. The company’s commitment to this cause showcases their dedication to making a difference in the lives of those affected by sickle cell disease.

    Sickle cell disease is an inherited, lifelong, and chronic condition. The team of specialists at Phoenix Children’s Hospital not only focuses on treating complications as they arise but also emphasizes preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of these complications. Their approach encompasses comprehensive care, addressing all aspects of a patient’s illness in one place.

    What sets 72SOLD apart in their fundraising efforts is their personal connection to the sickle cell program at Phoenix Children’s. Edson Barrantes, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, has a 10-year-old son named Ethan, who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth. Ethan experienced years of excruciating pain before receiving treatment through the Sickle Cell Program at Phoenix Children’s, which significantly improved his quality of life.

    To make a contribution to the sickle cell program and support children like Ethan, visit 72gives.com today.

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