Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Real Estate Transactions in Zanesville, Ohio

    In the past week, several real estate transactions have taken place in Zanesville, Ohio. Here are some of the highlights:

    – Vincent and Debra Christian purchased 1365 Pine St. for $135,000.
    – Isaac Pepper acquired 1423 Putnam Ave. for $5,000.
    – Paul and Verna Hilty bought a 25.177 acre split on Leachman Road for $156,097.40.
    – The Breckenridge Group LLC purchased 1.22 acres on Twins Hills Drive for $8,800.
    – Willett Fit Storage and Rentals LLC acquired 2.661 acres on Kopchak Road for $525,000.
    – Schlabach Ranch LLC purchased 7320 White Eyes Road in New Concord for $625,000.
    – PNC Bank National Association acquired 6135 Fultonrose Road in Roseville for $40,000.
    – Ryan and Sara Milner bought 366 Mills St. in Duncan Falls for $220,000.
    – Selina Grady purchased 623 Schaum Ave. for $110,000.

    These are just a few examples of the real estate transactions that have taken place recently in Zanesville. It is clear that there is a range of properties being bought and sold, from residential homes to larger plots of land. This activity in the real estate market demonstrates the ongoing growth and development in the area.

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