Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Recent Real Estate Transactions in Lincoln

    In recent weeks, there have been several real estate transactions taking place in the city of Lincoln. One notable business deal was the sale of two properties by Apples Way LLC to Manion Construction Inc. The first property, located at 10211 Ina St. in Roca, was sold for $65,192. Similarly, the second property, located at 10221 Ina St. in Roca, was also sold for the same amount.

    Austin Realty Co has also sold several properties to Bryan Physician Network. These properties include 3240 Westpark Cir, 3200 Westpark Cir, 3245 Westpark Cir, 5075 N 32nd St., and 5055 N 32nd St. Each property was sold for $2,350,000.

    Other real estate transactions include the sale of a property at 3534 Everett St. by Benes, Nathaniel J & Andersen, Katherine I, for a sum of $229,900. There was also a property sale by Boman, Jeanne B Revocable Trust, for a total of $2,606,856 (address unspecified). Additionally, the property located at 1320 N 41st St. was sold by Bugeater Revocable Trust, The, for $250,000. Furthermore, Buhr Construction Inc sold a property at 9460 Bailie Ct in Waverly for $374,900.

    These are just a few of the recent real estate transactions that have taken place in Lincoln. It is interesting to see the diversity of properties being bought and sold, ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings. This activity is a sign of a thriving real estate market in the area.

    Source: Lincoln Journal Star