Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Restaurante MONK: Combining Zen Philosophy with Innovative Design

    MONK is an extraordinary restaurant that combines traditional Zen philosophy with innovative design, created in collaboration with Wangan Studio. Every aspect of MONK’s brand identity, from its interior architecture to the staff’s attire and even the elements of the cuisine, has been meticulously crafted by Wangan Studio.

    The design concept of MONK revolves around the principles of Zen philosophy, emphasizing simplicity, naturalness, and tranquility. The use of four essential elements: wood, natural stone, terracotta, and metal, creates a harmonious and dynamic aesthetic throughout the space. These materials are carefully processed to enhance their natural beauty and texture.

    Inspired by Zen gardens and Sakura branches, the design features intricate patterns that can be found in various forms and colors throughout the restaurant. These patterns evoke the curved and linear structure of Zen gardens, reflecting the importance of harmony and balance in the philosophy.

    One of the architectural highlights of MONK is the metal grilles, reminiscent of Japanese walls and featuring a pattern inspired by rusty red tones. This pattern, along with the koi fish motif on the roof facade, adds a unique and symbolic touch to the restaurant’s ambiance. Koi fish symbolize strength and achievements in Asian philosophy.

    The interior of MONK is designed with multiple levels, creating distinct spaces within the restaurant. From the sushi bar to the general seating areas and the terrace, each area offers a unique dining experience.

    Wangan Studio has also developed movable furniture for MONK, allowing flexibility and adaptability in the restaurant’s design. This thoughtful design element enhances the dining experience for both customers and staff.

    Named in honor of the monks who practice Zen philosophy, MONK serves a modern menu of Japanese and Asian fusion cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate up to 180 people, offering a spacious and welcoming environment for guests.

    With its innovative adaptation of traditional Zen lines and meticulous attention to detail, MONK offers a truly unique dining experience that seamlessly combines design and philosophy.

    – Dhyana: Meditation school developed in the first century BC
    – Zen Philosophy: Philosophy of life and enlightenment, emphasizing dynamic stillness in the mind