Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    Revival Plans for Historic Mine Structure in Cornwall

    The south headframe of the South Crofty tin and copper mine in Cornwall is undergoing a major refurbishment project in order to bring the mine back into operation. Closed since 1998, the mine’s headgear structure will be restored to transport personnel and materials underground while water is pumped out of the mine.

    Steve Tarrant, the mine manager, explained that a significant portion of the mine’s underground space, totaling eight million cubic meters, is currently flooded. Clearing this water is crucial to gaining access to the deeper levels of the mine, where future mining operations will be carried out.

    Tarrant emphasized the importance of dewatering the mine, stating that it has been a major obstacle preventing the mine from reopening. “Pumping the water out requires significant investment and the development of infrastructure,” he said.

    To aid in the process of dewatering, the mine has purchased two new winding engines. These engines will help workers descend the main shaft using cages, winding ropes, sheave wheels, and the newly acquired engines. However, due to age and fragility, the iconic sheave wheel will need to be replaced.

    The revival project at South Crofty is expected to take several years to complete. Once the water has been removed and the mine is operational again, it will play a significant role in the extraction of tin and copper from the area.

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