Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Revive Introduces “Revive Vision AI” for Real Estate Professionals

    Revive, a real estate solutions company, has launched “Revive Vision AI,” an industry-first smart tool that uses computer vision and advanced machine learning techniques to analyze property photos and assess a property’s current value and renovation potential. This tool provides estimates backed by local contractors to help maximize listing values and optimize return on investment.

    Traditionally, real estate professionals have relied on automated valuation models (AVMs) to determine a property’s value. However, these models often overlook the current condition of a home. With the introduction of “Revive Vision AI,” agents can now leverage AI-powered insights that take into account the property’s condition, providing a more accurate assessment of its value and potential.

    The process is simple. Agents upload at least 10 photos of their client’s property to the Revive admin dashboard, which then compares the property with similar homes in the area. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the tool generates estimates of renovation costs, potential market value, and projected return on investment. A comprehensive report is then generated, providing investment insights and recommended home improvements.

    Revive Vision AI offers several benefits for real estate professionals. Firstly, it serves as a foundation for meaningful discussions with clients about their property’s potential and the best strategies to realize it. It also provides confidence and credibility, as decisions are backed by empirical data and professional analysis. Additionally, early adopters of Vision AI gain a competitive advantage by using cutting-edge technology to guide listing and pricing strategies.

    It’s important to note that while Revive Vision AI provides valuable insights, it does not replace professional advice. Homeowners are encouraged to consult with real estate experts, tax professionals, and other industry specialists for tailored guidance.

    Revive’s commitment to leveraging AI technology reflects its dedication to helping real estate professionals deliver a better sales experience and maximize the value of their clients’ homes. The company has expanded its development teams to continue innovating in the real estate technology space.

    Revive Vision AI will be available on a subscription basis exclusively for real estate agents working with Revive. Pricing details will be announced soon, and agents can join a waitlist to be invited to participate in the coming weeks.

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