Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Rikant Pittie Invests in Sohamm Snacks on ‘Indian Angels’ Show

    Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder of, continues to showcase his dedication to innovation and support for promising startups by making a substantial investment in the latest episodes of the ‘Indian Angels’ show streaming on Jio Cinema. In episode 5, which premiered on November 20, 2023, Pittie strategically invested 50 lakhs towards equity, including 25 lakhs as debt, in Sohamm Snacks, marking a significant milestone for the show.

    Pittie, a veteran in the travel industry, has been leading the investment discourse on the show as one of the top-ranked investors based on the amount invested in various companies. Currently, he has invested in brands such as Atpata by taste, Happy Curves, ReGrip, Shakti Wearables, and Vastu Ghee.

    Sohamm Snacks distinguishes itself with a commitment to delivering quality food products that combine nutritional excellence with irresistible taste. With a dedicated team experienced in creating premium biscuits and cookies, Sohamm envisions a world where top-notch food items are accessible to everyone at an affordable price. What sets the brand apart is its deep understanding of formulation and innovative use of superior ingredients, backed by decades of industry knowledge.

    Rikant Pittie expressed his passion for supporting ventures that go beyond the ordinary, stating that Sohamm Snacks embodies that spirit. He believes in the innovative approach and dedication of the Sohamm team in creating exceptional snacks. Pittie looks forward to contributing to their success and helping them achieve their business objectives in the ever-evolving landscape of the food industry.

    With his early leadership and business acumen demonstrated since the age of 16, Rikant Pittie played an instrumental role in the development of EaseMyTrip and its technological framework. As one of the five distinguished panelists on the ‘Indian Angels’ show, Pittie’s strategic investments in six ventures highlight his commitment to nurturing startups and helping them overcome challenges.

    1. What is the ‘Indian Angels’ show?
    ‘Indian Angels’ is the world’s first angel investment show on OTT. Produced by Digikore Studios, it aims to transform the startup industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem with its innovative format. The show features angel investors supporting ventures, and viewers also have the opportunity to become investors themselves.

    2. What is the vision of Sohamm Snacks?
    Sohamm Snacks envisions a world where delicious and nutritious snacks are within everyone’s reach. The brand is committed to delivering quality food products that blend nutritional excellence with irresistible taste, utilizing innovative techniques and superior ingredients.

    3. How has Rikant Pittie contributed to EaseMyTrip?
    Rikant Pittie played a crucial role in the development of EaseMyTrip, showcasing his leadership and business acumen at a young age. He was involved in establishing the technological framework for the company, demonstrating a deep understanding of building businesses from the ground up.