Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Saudi Women Breaking Barriers in Real Estate Brokerage

    Saudi Arabia is seeing a rise in female real estate brokers, as the country continues to empower women in various fields. Asma Alshehri is one of these women who started her career in real estate brokerage by chance. Having previously worked in mortgage financing firms, Asma was approached by clients to help them find properties, which led her to shift her focus to real estate brokerage.

    According to Asma, being a successful real estate broker requires patience, diligence, and ambition, as the property market can be challenging. However, she also faced rejection and bias initially, as some clients were not comfortable with a female broker. Over time, society has become more accepting of female brokers, but there are still unique challenges. Asma shared an incident where a female client insisted on a male broker to meet her husband despite seeking help from a woman. Asma politely declined to serve her in that case.

    Cutting her first deal in the business was a significant achievement for Asma, and she described it as having a different taste because her hard work paid off. This success reflects the broader changes happening in Saudi Arabia, where there is a strong push to empower women. In 2018, the country lifted the ban on women driving, and there have been advancements in appointing female ambassadors.

    The rise of female real estate brokers is another step towards gender equality and female empowerment in Saudi Arabia. As more women break into this traditionally male-dominated industry, they are proving their abilities and contributing to the growth of the real estate market in the kingdom.

    – Akhbar24 (Saudi news website)