Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Scancell Holdings PLC Reports Positive Phase II Study Results for SCIB1 Vaccine

    Trinity Delta, a life sciences research house, is highly optimistic about Scancell Holdings PLC’s recent phase II study results for its SCIB1 vaccine. The study focused on using the vaccine in the treatment of advanced skin cancer and showed an impressive 82% success rate in shrinking tumors, surpassing the initial target of 70%. This success is particularly notable when compared to other existing treatments, which typically achieve success rates between 48% and 58%.

    The study’s positive data effectively demonstrates the concept of combining Scancell’s SCIB vaccine with other cancer-fighting drugs, known as checkpoint inhibitors, to enhance the body’s natural defenses against cancer. This opens up potential opportunities for broader applications of the vaccine in the field of oncology.

    Scancell’s study is now advancing to the next phase, where an additional 27 patients will be treated. In addition, the company plans to test an enhanced version of the vaccine that has the potential to be effective for all skin cancer patients and is more potent.

    Trinity Delta expects to receive data from these new tests by the first half of 2024. It also predicts that Scancell will attract industry interest and explore potential partnerships and business opportunities based on the strength of these results.

    Scancell Holdings PLC is currently valued at £300.1 million, with a share price of 15.82p, representing a 20% increase in early trade.

    Source: Trinity Delta [No URL provided]