Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    Scandal Unveils Corruption and Money Laundering by Former Mayors in Cucuta

    Several former mayors of Cucuta have found themselves in the midst of a scandal, being investigated for allegedly redirecting funds meant for feeding the city’s most vulnerable children towards acquiring luxurious mansions. As a result, the Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE), or Special Assets Society, has taken control of 126 properties believed to be related to this alleged criminal organization.

    An investigation conducted by the Dirección de Investigación Criminal e Interpol de la Policía Nacional, or the Criminal Investigation and Interpol Directorate of the National Police, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, uncovered this alleged gang that manipulated contracts and gained millions in benefits. According to authorities, their modus operandi involved entering into contracts without meeting the necessary legal requirements, specifically in the School Feeding Programs and the construction of Child Development Centers. These projects apparently were never delivered to the community, resulting in a financial loss exceeding six billion Colombian pesos.

    Fifteen individuals, including former public officials and contractors, have been charged in this case. Among those implicated are the former mayors Amaris Ramírez Paris Lobos, César Omar Rojas Ayala, and Ramiro Suárez Corzo. It is worth noting that the latter ex-mayor has previously been investigated and convicted for corruption and homicide.

    As a result of the investigations, precautionary measures have been imposed on 108 lots, seven companies, four farms, three commercial establishments, three apartments, and one house. General José Luis Ramírez Hinestroza, director of the Criminal Investigation and Interpol Directorate, has announced that the police will continue to fight corruption and disrupt the financial networks of corrupt individuals.

    Meanwhile, in Medellín, an Australian cartel boss has been arrested on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit crimes. This individual allegedly multiplied his fortune through illicit activities and used his money to acquire properties and benefit his associates. Among the extravagant assets seized from this cartel boss were a mansion with an elevator, a swimming pool, and a panic room. Additionally, large sums of cash and valuable documents were confiscated along with electronic devices.

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