Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
    Siemens Energy Denies Halting Onshore Wind Turbine Business

    Siemens Energy has confirmed that the sales of onshore wind turbines in its Siemens Gamesa unit have been restricted. However, the company has denied a report published in Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper, which claimed that Siemens had largely ceased new business with onshore machines.

    “Our absolute priority is to revise the affected systems in existing customer projects. That’s our focus,” stated a spokesperson from Siemens Energy.

    The sales restriction specifically impacts onshore wind turbines belonging to the OEM’s 4.X and 5.X platforms. The spokesperson further explained that the company would only proceed with new sales contracts if it could guarantee the supply of turbines within the agreed timeframe and with the required level of quality.

    Siemens Energy’s response comes after the Handelsblatt newspaper reported that the company had significantly reduced its onshore wind turbine business. The report raised concerns about the future prospects of the onshore wind sector within Siemens Energy.

    While the confirmation of sales restrictions highlights the challenges faced by Siemens Gamesa, the company’s statement emphasizes its commitment to addressing the issues faced by existing customers first.

    Siemens Gamesa is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, including wind turbines, with a global presence. The company’s onshore wind turbines have been widely used in various projects around the world, contributing to the transition towards clean energy sources.

    Despite the reported sales restrictions, Siemens Energy’s denial of a complete halt in onshore wind turbine business indicates a continued commitment to the sector. This affirmation is likely to reassure stakeholders and customers who rely on Siemens Gamesa’s products and services.


    – Onshore wind turbines: These are wind turbines that are installed on land, typically in areas such as open fields or coastal regions, to harness wind energy and generate electricity.
    – OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): A company that produces equipment or components that are then marketed and sold by another company under their brand name.

    – Handelsblatt newspaper (not linked)