Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Square Yards Files 18 International Patents in Real Estate Technology

    Square Yards, a rapidly growing proptech platform, has announced the successful filing of 18 international patents in India and the USA. These patents cover various areas of real estate technology, including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Applications.

    The patents have been filed for the innovative technologies developed by PropVR, Square Yards’ technology arm. PropVR specializes in creating immersive digital twins using 3D technologies, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

    Out of the 18 patents filed, three have already been granted. These granted patents recognize Square Yards as a leader in pioneering technological advancements and innovation within the global real estate sector. The granted patents are focused on interactive 3D experiences for real estate, remote collaboration for customers to experience properties, and agent ranking algorithms. The core of these patents is centered around the development of next-generation technologies in real estate using AI and XR.

    Square Yards’ Founder and CEO, Tanuj Shori, expressed enthusiasm about the integration of AR, VR, XR, AI, and Data Applications in the real estate industry. Shori emphasized the company’s commitment to employing breakthrough technologies to enhance the real estate experience and create unparalleled opportunities for consumers. These patents serve as a testament to Square Yards’ dedication to innovating, disrupting, and leading the digital transformation in the global real estate industry.

    The range of patents covers various innovative solutions, including immersive and collaborative virtual experiences of buildings, real estate asset analysis, agent ranking, sales process improvement, and optimization of real estate listings. These technologies aim to empower professionals with data-driven tools to enhance their sales and marketing strategies.

    With these groundbreaking patents, Square Yards is working towards its vision of making homebuying easier, efficient, secure, and futuristic. The company aims to redefine the real estate landscape for the benefit of consumers and professionals alike.

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