Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Tandem: Revolutionizing Performance Reviews and Feedback in the Workplace

    Tandem, a groundbreaking platform, has recently launched with a mission to completely transform traditional performance review cycles. Departing from the outdated annual review model, Tandem introduces continuous feedback as a way to empower employees and foster professional growth. The platform aims to provide development support and feedback to each individual within an organization, revolutionizing how performance is evaluated.

    With a focus on cost efficiency and user-friendly features, Tandem goes beyond the limitations of annual reviews and engagement surveys. It seamlessly integrates with popular team communication tools like Slack, and future compatibility with Microsoft Teams is on the horizon. Furthermore, Tandem interfaces with platforms such as CultureAmp and Lattice to streamline the review writing process.

    Co-founded by Mel Miller and Lauren Humphrey, former executives at Gusto, Tandem is poised for significant expansion. In the near future, the platform plans to incorporate a comprehensive range of HR features to further enhance its capabilities.

    Tandem leverages a proprietary generative AI to facilitate effective, bias-free feedback. Drawing from decades of people management expertise, the platform offers one-click check-ins and is designed to reduce the influence of unconscious biases.

    The platform’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident through its ability to integrate company values into feedback, introduce an HR “radar” system, and deliver valuable statistics for business insights.

    In a rapidly evolving work environment, Tandem provides a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by people teams. According to Mel Miller, Tandem’s COO and co-founder, “Recalling detailed information for reviews is increasingly difficult without prioritizing continuous, effective, and well-documented feedback. Tandem works in harmony with existing HR platforms and protocols to foster a culture of quality feedback and improve overall company culture.”

    Tandem seamlessly integrates into an organization’s existing HR priorities, minimizing disruptions caused by large rollouts and onboarding processes. By harnessing advanced AI capabilities, Tandem’s conversational prompts assist users in crafting and sharing high-quality, unbiased feedback.

    However, Tandem extends beyond feedback facilitation. It offers in-depth analysis to surface trends and identify areas of excellence, making it more than just a feedback tool.

    By emphasizing ease of use within familiar digital environments such as Slack and soon Microsoft Teams, Tandem strikes a balance between providing effective feedback and optimizing workflow efficiency. The platform becomes a strategic ally for teams that aim to enhance productivity, engagement, and retain top performers.

    According to co-founder Lauren Humphrey, Tandem fills a crucial void in today’s work landscape. Proper feedback drives team productivity, increases employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Tandem simplifies the process for managers who are typically ill-equipped to cultivate feedback cultures, making it effortless to establish successful feedback habits.

    The Tandem platform originated from The Mintable, a project created by Miller and Humphrey in 2021 to address the prevalent issue of unprepared managers. Building upon the knowledge gained from The Mintable, the co-founders transitioned the platform into Tandem, a robust SaaS platform dedicated to empowering managers and teams.

    In short, Tandem provides a vital toolkit for managers navigating the modern work landscape. It equips them with the resources to craft high-quality feedback and guide teams in effectively applying it. As Michael Tolo, Principal at Blackbird, validates, “Melissa and Lauren are pioneers of innovation in this field, thanks to their practical approach, extensive experience, and unwavering passion for helping managers grow.”

    Now, HR leaders and department heads can seize the opportunity to implement Tandem and gain early access to its forthcoming features, scheduled for release in 2024.


    1. What sets Tandem apart from traditional performance review cycles?

    Tandem introduces a continuous feedback approach, moving away from annual reviews, to provide development support and feedback to employees on an ongoing basis.

    2. How does Tandem integrate with existing communication tools?

    Tandem seamlessly integrates with popular team communication tools like Slack, allowing users to foster a feedback culture within their current workflows. It is also working towards compatibility with Microsoft Teams.

    3. How does Tandem address unconscious biases in feedback?

    Tandem leverages a proprietary generative AI to facilitate effective feedback practices and minimize the influence of unconscious biases.

    4. What additional features does Tandem offer?

    In addition to feedback facilitation, Tandem allows the integration of company values into feedback, introduces an HR “radar” system, and provides valuable statistics for actionable business insights.

    5. Can Tandem be implemented without disrupting existing HR processes?

    Yes, Tandem integrates seamlessly into an organization’s current HR priorities, avoiding the disruptions typically associated with large rollouts and onboarding processes.