Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
    Tarkett Atelier: A Sustainable and Innovative Showroom in Clerkenwell

    Tarkett, one of the leading providers of recyclable flooring solutions, has recently opened its new showroom in Clerkenwell, London. The Tarkett Atelier, located in the heart of Clerkenwell, offers architects, designers, and end-users the opportunity to explore the latest sustainable and design interiors.

    Designed by Note Design Studio, the showroom seamlessly combines technology and digital experiences through interactive features and virtual reality. The interior design concept draws inspiration from the industrial cities of Great Britain, incorporating a “soft industrial” aesthetic that is both elegant and sustainable.

    One of the standout features of the Tarkett Atelier is the innovative use of traditional materials. Contrasting materials and textures, such as hard and soft floors, have been ingeniously integrated into various elements of the space, including linoleum counter bases, work surfaces, vinyl coverings, and lighting fixtures.

    The showroom showcases a range of collections, including Desso Fields and Retrace, Linowall, iQ Granit, Natural, and Parade Excellent. These collections are displayed in an inspiring gallery, allowing visitors to see the benefits of each product within a specifically designed environment.

    In addition to showcasing Tarkett’s flagship products, the showroom also serves as a co-creation and experimentation space. Visitors can bring their project ideas to life using the extensive collection of materials and products from Tarkett. The multifunctional Atelier also includes living areas, event rooms, meeting rooms, as well as telephone booths and quiet workspaces.

    The Tarkett Atelier in Clerkenwell represents a new era of showroom experience. With its focus on sustainability, design, and innovation, it is sure to inspire architects, designers, and end-users alike.

    – Note Design Studio
    – Area Square

    – Recyclable flooring solutions: Flooring coverings that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle and used to create new products.
    – Sustainable interior finishes: Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and socially responsible materials and products for interiors.
    – Soft industrial aesthetic: An interior design style that incorporates elements of industrial design but in a softer and refined manner.
    – Co-creation: The process of collaborating with clients or end-users to develop new ideas, products, or solutions.