Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    Tesla Reaches Milestone with 50,000th Supercharging Stall Installation

    Tesla has recently celebrated a significant milestone with the installation of its 50,000th Supercharging stall. However, this particular charging stall stands out from the rest. In a departure from the standard white and red design, the jubilee stall is painted in an eye-catching Ultra Red color, commonly used on Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles. Adding to the uniqueness, the dispenser features a label stating “No 50,000.” While Tesla has not disclosed the exact location, it is believed to be in Roseville, California, based on the video shared by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley.

    Despite its distinct appearance, there are no indications that the special charging stall differs from other Superchargers in terms of power output or charging cost. It is expected to function as a typical 250-kilowatt unit. With over 50,000 Supercharging stalls and more than 5,000 stations worldwide, Tesla’s network remains the largest among all fast-charging networks. The company continues to install new stations at a rapid rate, solidifying its position as the leader in the industry.

    In the years to come, Tesla aims to make its Supercharger network more accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles. Through a non-Tesla Supercharging pilot program and the adoption of Tesla’s NACS charging connector by other manufacturers in North America, more EV owners will be able to utilize the Supercharger network. This move towards inclusivity and collaboration is part of a larger trend in which charging companies and other EV manufacturers are developing their own charging networks. This competition will ultimately benefit consumers, offering a variety of options in terms of charging power, pricing, locations, reliability, and amenities.

    – Tesla Owners Silicon Valley
    – Tesla’s NACS charging connector