Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The Argentine Real Estate Market Shows Signs of Recovery Amidst Election Results

    According to architect and public broker Viviana Yacoub, the Argentine real estate market has recently experienced a decrease in prices. However, Yacoub believes that this situation may soon change as a result of the general elections held this year. She emphasizes that the market has reached its lowest point and is now starting to show signs of recovery. Investors are gaining confidence and foresee a promising future for both final consumers and themselves.

    Although current values are still far from historical highs, there is a positive trend driven by the growing confidence in the country. Yacoub highlights that all real estate transactions are currently being conducted in US dollars, as this currency provides greater security considering the high inflation in Argentina.

    Despite the current challenging situation, Yacoub is optimistic about the future of the real estate market. As the general elections approach, investors are becoming more optimistic. The growing trust in the market creates a favorable environment for both consumers and investors.

    It is important to note that, despite these improvements, prices have not yet reached their historical highs. However, it is expected that the upward trend will continue in the short and medium term. The confidence in the real estate market is a key factor driving this recovery, regardless of the country’s political situation.

    Regarding transactions, Yacoub points out that all are being carried out in US dollars. This choice is due to the security provided by foreign currency, especially in a context of high inflation. Building in Argentine pesos has become increasingly challenging due to the volatility of the economy and the uncertainty it generates.

    In summary, the Argentine real estate market faces a challenging outlook at present, but improvement is expected in the short and medium term following the results of the general elections. Investor confidence is increasing, driving a positive trend in the market. Transactions are being conducted in US dollars due to the security offered by this currency amidst inflation.

    Source: Interview with Viviana Yacoub, architect and public broker