Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    The Challenge of Finding Affordable Housing for Students in Málaga

    In the month of September, many students face the challenge of finding a new home or renewing the one they occupied last year. However, for university students, this process is becoming increasingly complicated.

    In Málaga, rental prices for student apartments have increased considerably. A 2-bedroom unfurnished apartment on Avenida Luis Pasteur is priced at 1,150 euros per month, and the rent for a 5-bedroom student house in Colonia Santa Inés reaches 450 euros per room per month.

    Paloma Nieto, a 23-year-old student who is about to start a master’s program at the University of Málaga, says that 5 years ago she shared an apartment for 220 euros per month. However, upon returning from her experience in the Erasmus program, she found that prices had increased significantly, reaching 300 or 350 euros per person.

    The odyssey of searching for housing not only involves high prices but also unfavorable conditions. Young people come across apartments in poor condition and lacking privacy and tranquility.

    Carlos Rubio, an 18-year-old, shares his experience in searching for an apartment in Málaga to start his university studies. After a long time searching, he finally found a 4-bedroom apartment for which he is asked to pay 300 euros without expenses.

    Ainhoa Montero, a 21-year-old student who is about to start her final year of Advertising, criticizes the conditions of available apartments and laments that prices continue to rise. According to her, if prices continue to go up, many young people will be unable to access higher education.

    In summary, the search for housing for students in Málaga has become a difficult task due to high prices and unfavorable conditions. Young people are forced to pay more for less and are faced with a shortage of options in the rental market.

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