Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    The Changing Landscape of Trainer App Pricing

    In a move that was long-awaited by many, Zwift has finally introduced an annual payment option for its users. This addition puts Zwift in line with the rest of the industry, as other companies have already implemented annual pricing plans for their products. The announcement comes after Zwift’s partnership with Wahoo in September, where they offered a one-year Zwift subscription for $99 with the purchase of new hardware.

    For those who missed the news, here are the new pricing options for Zwift:

    – USD: $149.99 (plus tax)
    – EUR: €149.99
    – UK: £129.99
    – CAD: $189.99 (plus tax)
    – JPY: ¥15,000.00 (plus tax)
    – AUS: $199.99 (plus tax)

    Users can switch their subscription to the annual plan today, and it will take effect at the next monthly renewal date. However, for those who subscribed through an Apple device, they will need to cancel their subscription and renew it directly with Zwift. The cancellation will not impact the account as it will only take effect at the end of the month.

    While the focus of this post is on Zwift’s pricing options, it is worth mentioning the varying prices across different trainer apps. The table provided gives a quick overview of the pricing for USD, with EUR pricing usually at parity. It is important to note that the pricing mentioned does not include any Black Friday deals or taxes. Additionally, the differences in pricing reflect the various features and offerings of each platform.

    TrainerRoad stands out as the outlier with its higher pricing, positioning itself as a premium training option for serious cyclists. They implemented an optional price increase last year, cementing their status among long-time users. However, it is essential to consider your personal preferences when choosing a platform. Some riders may prioritize ERG mode and structured workouts, while others may be interested in virtual world racing or real-world outdoor videos.

    In conclusion, the addition of an annual payment option by Zwift brings it in line with industry standards. The pricing across various trainer apps is relatively similar, with each platform catering to different preferences and training goals. Ultimately, the choice of a trainer app will depend on individual preferences and needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why did it take Zwift so long to introduce an annual payment option?
    Zwift’s decision to implement an annual payment option came after years of requests from users. The company likely took the time to assess market trends and align their pricing strategy with industry standards.

    2. Will the new pricing options impact current subscribers?
    Current subscribers can switch to the new annual plan without any disruption. For Apple device users, they will need to cancel their subscription and renew it directly with Zwift, but this will not affect their account until the end of the month.

    3. Are there any other changes to Zwift’s pricing structure?
    The introduction of the annual payment option is the most significant change to Zwift’s pricing structure. However, it is worth noting that taxes may apply to certain regions.

    4. How does TrainerRoad differentiate itself from other trainer apps?
    TrainerRoad has positioned itself as a premium training option for serious cyclists, offering structured workouts and advanced training features. Its higher pricing reflects the added value and specialized focus of the platform.

    5. What factors should I consider when choosing a trainer app?
    When selecting a trainer app, it is important to consider your preferred training style, whether it be structured workouts, virtual racing, or real-world outdoor videos. Evaluating the features and offerings of each platform will help determine the best fit for your needs.