Wed. Sep 20th, 2023
    The Ciconia Program: Finding Solutions to Housing Difficulties in Chiclana

    The Chiclana City Council has launched the Ciconia program with the aim of finding solutions to the difficulties that residents of the city face in accessing housing. This program involves the Council renting properties from owners and then subletting them to third parties, assuming the payment of rent in case of non-payment. Additionally, they commit to returning the property in perfect condition when the owner requests it.

    According to Chiclana’s Mayor, José María Román, this initiative arises in response to the numerous people who have problems renting a home. The program is already underway, and the requirements and details for accessing this initiative can be found on the website of the municipal company EMSISA.

    Ciconia is another example of Chiclana’s municipal government’s commitment to work in the field of housing. So far, 55 homes have been delivered, and there are plans to build 47 more rental homes, as well as homes for sale in the El Pilar area and a new development of 20 homes. The main objective is to increase the number of vacant homes and put pressure on owners to make use of their properties.

    Furthermore, this measure aims to limit the proliferation of tourist homes in the city. The mayor highlights the importance of having homes available for year-round living, not just during the tourist season.

    The Ciconia program intends to be a stimulus for increasing the public housing stock and solving the problems of those residents who, despite working and earning an honest income, have difficulties accessing housing. According to estimates from the City Council, there may be around 300 to 400 homes in the hands of banks and financial institutions in Chiclana, and more than a thousand vacant homes.

    Other cities, such as Seville, also implement similar programs to address the problem of a lack of housing. For example, through Emsivesa, the Seville City Council has launched the Sevilla Llena program, which rents and purchases empty homes with the aim of turning them into homes for those who need it most.

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