Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    The Future of Swindon’s Southern Connector Road Project in Doubt as Buckingham Group Ceases Trading

    The future of the £40 million Southern Connector Road project in Swindon has been thrown into uncertainty as Buckingham Group, the construction company responsible for the development, has announced its closure and filed for administration. The news has left locals concerned about the completion of the final touches to the area.

    However, Swindon Borough Council and local ward councillor Gary Sumner have sought to allay fears, stating that the project will continue as planned. Councillor Sumner, who oversaw the majority of the project, emphasized that the critical road has already been delivered and expressed relief at its completion.

    While the main road of the Southern Connector Road has been finished, some outstanding work, such as general tidying up, rewilding of the former construction compound, and completion of the traffic light area at the junction of Wanborough Road, still needs to be carried out.

    Despite the setback caused by Buckingham Group’s closure, Chris Watts, the current cabinet member for environment and transport, stated that the financial difficulties of the company will not affect the completion of the road. He assured residents that final safety and legal checks are being conducted, and once these are completed, the road will be opened to the public as soon as possible.

    It is unclear how long the legal resolution process will take, but Swindon Borough Council remains committed to ensuring the completion of the Southern Connector Road project. The closure of Buckingham Group is undoubtedly a setback, but the local authorities are confident that they will be able to navigate through this challenging situation and deliver the road that the community needs.

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