Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    The Most Expensive Residential Real Estate Sales in Hillsboro

    A house in Hillsboro recently sold for a staggering $1.1 million, making it the highest-priced residential real estate sale in the area for the past week. This sale stands out among the 20 recorded residential real estate transactions that took place during this time frame. The average price for these sales amounted to $585,013, with a price per square foot of $306.

    It is worth noting that the prices mentioned in the list below pertain to real estate sales where the title was officially recorded during the week of August 21, even if the transactions themselves may have occurred prior to this.

    In a bustling market like Hillsboro, where demand for housing is high, it is not surprising to see sales reaching such impressive figures. This demonstrates the desirability and appeal of the area.

    While specific details about the aforementioned $1.1 million sale and other transactions are not provided in the source article, it serves as a testament to the wealth and vitality of the Hillsboro real estate market. Buyers, sellers, and investors alike will undoubtedly be interested in the significant sales activity that has occurred and the corresponding rise in property values.

    As always, it is advisable for potential buyers and sellers to consult with knowledgeable real estate professionals to gain a better understanding of the current market trends and optimal strategies for success.

    – Residential Real Estate: Properties designed for use as individual dwellings, such as houses or apartments, rather than for commercial or industrial purposes.
    – Title: A legal document that establishes ownership of a property.

    – None provided